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Ministry Group Leaders

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Members are in bold

Ministry Group Name
Adult Altar Servers (weekdays/funerals) Pat Hayes
Altar Servers (children) Pat Hayes
Altar Society Lilian Hayes
Adult Choir/Music Ministry Jacob deGroot-Maggetti
Baptismal Preparation Team Sandra Eidt
Bereavement Committee Elaine Ditner
Bingo Committee Coordinator Ruth Ann Dietrich
Building Committee Gerhardt Kompter
Catechetical Committee Coordinator Therese Eyono
Children and Youth Ministry Team Anna deGroot-Maggetti
Children’s Liturgy Catechists Dan Cummins
Coffee Sunday Coordinator Theresa Godfrey
Confirmation Catechists Gena Carvalho
Development & Peace Greg deGroot-Maggetti
Finance Committee Charles Sellers
First Communion Catechists Lisa Reitzel
Legion of Mary Fatima Vitorino
Liturgical Committee Coordinator Philip Rajotte
Ministers of Communion Jeanette Ruetz
Ministers of Hospitality Gertrude Kuntz
Ministers of the Word (Lectors) Lisa Reitzel
Money Counters Ruth Ann Dietrich
Pastoral Committee Co-Ordinator Marie Hocaliuk
RCIA Sandra Eidt, Josie Joseph, Lori Martz
Social Committee Theresa Godfrey
Social Outreach Committee Coordinator Andy Wybenga
Youth Group Adult Leader Cathy McFadden, Darcy McFadden

Stand Alone Groups

Ministry Group Name
Catholic Women's League Lori Martz
PPC Rep: Sandra Eidt
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Theresa Godfrey (Chair), Lori Martz
Volunteer Screening Comittee (no PPC rep) Susan Hellebrandt
St. Bernadette's School Al Simoes, Principal
At-Large PPC Members Barbara Kopperson
  Paul Kompter (Vice-Chair)
  Terry Ross (Secretary)

Note: Parishioners are invited to join and participate in all parish groups and organizations following the screening process of the Diocese that is administered by the parish Volunteer Screening Committee. Membership in the Volunteer Screening Committee and the Finance Council is by appointment of the priests only. Membership in the Parish Pastoral Council is either by general election, group election or appointment. For more information on the role of each parish group, please see our Stewardship Opportunities page